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DMS+C Ads in the News in North Carolina

DMS+C Unveils New RGA Ad in North Carolina

Doug McAuliffe and the DMS+C is working with the Republican Governors Association’s strategy team in supporting Governor Pat McCrory’s election efforts this year. Our first ad focuses on career politician Roy Cooper’s thirty-year record of voting to raise taxes on North Carolina families and businesses. It’s an initial fifteen second ad running around the state. DMS+C played a major role in Pat McCrory’s victory in 2012.

DMS+C New Ad in North Carolina

DMS+C’s new ad created for Congressman Robert Pittenger’s campaign focuses on his messages of a strong Christian faith and integrity to stand up to the challenges of Hollywood’s moral decay and the threat of terrorism on our homeland. The message draws a stark contrast between Robert Pittenger’s leadership and Obama’s liberal agenda.

Burr Soundly Wins NC GOP Primary

Senator Richard Burr won a decisive primary victory in North Carolina. Republican voters voiced their strong support for Senator Burr and his leadership on many issues including fighting terrorism as the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Below is a primary commercial created by DMS+C which ran in the primary.

New Pittenger Spot by DMSC Pushes Anti-Terrorism

DMSC’s second commercial for Congressman Robert Pittenger’s re-election campaign is titled “Fighting Weakness.” The spot creatively outlines Rep. Pittenger’s work to combat Obama’s weakness in fighting terrorism to protect our homeland.

DMSC Unveils New Burr Ad “Protect”

Senator Richard Burr’s campaign team introduced their first primary campaign ad titled “Protect” created by DMSC. The commercial outlines Senator Burr leading the fight against terrorism to keep Americans safe and secure as the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

America Leads Ads Rated Most Effective in Presidential Race

Two DMS+C’s commercials created for America Leads in support of Chris Christie’s Presidential campaign were recently rated among the most effective spots aired in the campaign so far. Second Mate in which Christie takes on Obama and Clinton and their failed policies against Isis in the wake of the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino and Gitmo, a thirty-second spot in which Christie rails against Obama’s plans to close Guantanamo and release known terrorists. The measurement of the spots of voter reaction was done by Ace Metrix and reported in Politico. CLICK HERE

New DMS+C Ad in New Hampshire Called “tough and withering” by the New York Times

Our latest America Leads’ ad now running in New Hampshire takes on John Kasich’s work as a Wall Street banker for the soon to fail Lehman Brothers. It creatively uses footage from the CNBC Republican debate featuring Donald Trump attacking Kasich for his profiteering on Wall Street while taxpayers bailed out the Wall Street banks while Kasich intones, “I was a banker and I was proud of it.”

Capturing Christie in NH

DMS+C and our production partner Chatham Light Media followed Governor Chris Christie on a couple town halls in New Hampshire last week. We visited Stratham where nearly six hundred people packed a small town hall center for a 9:00AM Saturday morning give and take with Christie. Then it was on to Windham for another event that afternoon. Nothing staged, just pure documentary and capturing the moment.

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