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DMS+C Part of the Burr Campaign Team

DMS+C is again proud and ready to be a part of U.S. Senator Richard Burr’s reelection team. We first worked with Senator Burr in his first election to the U.S. Senate in 2004 when he won a hard fought, come from behind victory over former ex-Clinton Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles. We again worked with the Burr team in his 2010 victory. We are honored to be a member of Senator Burr’s 2016 campaign team. Sen. Burr staffs up for reelection bid – The Hill

DMS+C and AC’s Work to Defeat Kay Hagen

We had the great opportunity to work with the American Crossroads Super PAC team to play a pivotal role in Thom Tillis upset victory over Senator Kay Hagen. Tillis never led until election day which is the only poll that matters! Our work with Crossroads began in May and went right through the general election. Late in the primary we created ads that advocated Thom Tillis which were the turning point to helping him break the 40% mark in the primary to avoid a runoff. Here is Roll Call’s May write up on the first ad.

Ed Gillespie’s Hail to the Redskins Ad

In his race for the U.S. Senate Ed Gillespie did many smart things that drew voters to his candidacy and created support for him across the Commonwealth. The Redskin ad only ran once on a Monday night football game between the Redskins and the Cowboys and generated press across the Commonwealth for the next week. More about the ad HERE

Politico goes inside the Ed Gillespie Campaign…

Read the article HERE

DMS+C Helps the Republican Wave of 2014

Doug McAuliffe and the DMS+C team along with our production partner Chatham Light Media served many great clients this campaign cycle. Our work included four U.S. Senate races, seven gubernatorial campaigns, two House races and two Attorney General campaigns. Jeff Sessions for U.S. Senate (AL) Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate (VA) Tom Foley for Governor (CT) Charlie Baker for Governor (MA) Tom Tillis U.S. Senate/American Crossroads (NC) David Perdue U.S. Senate/CFWA (GA) Brandstad for Governor/RGA (IA) Doug Ducey for Governor/RGA (AZ) Mary Fallin for Governor/RGA (OK) Pete Ricketts for Governor/CSE (NE) Sam Graves for Congress (MO) Adrian Smith for Congress Read the Rest…

The Ads Are Working.

Sometimes a political cartoon says it all. In Connecticut, Republican Tom Foley is running a positive, ideas-driven campaign against failed Democratic incumbent governor Dan Malloy. DMS+C is working with the campaign to take Foley’s positive message and get it in front of voters through the utilization of effective and creative advertising. A recent Quinnipiac poll has Foley now up 6 points in the race. As the cartoon notes, “The ads are working.”

Charlie Baker Launches First TV Ad

DMS+C’s first ad for the general election campaign of Massachusetts Republican gubernatorial nominee Charlie Baker is up and running across the Bay State. The Boston Globe noted, “On the first day of the general election campaign, Baker is launching a warm 30-second spot with one of his children, portraying himself as a personable, socially moderate family man, who will bring fiscal responsibility to Beacon Hill.” The Globe further commented that, in just 30-seconds, the ad “..manages to hit almost the major themes of his bid.” Massachusetts’ political calendar leads to a very condensed general election period. It is critical that Read the Rest…

Arizona Governors Race

DMS+C is the lead media strategist for the Republican Governors Association independent expenditure campaign in the Arizona governors race. This is one of a series of ads DMS+C has run highlighting Democrat lobbyist Fred DuVal’s longstanding record of raising tuition and fee costs on Arizona students . DMS+C has also helped the RGA in Iowa this cycle.

DMS+C Helps Tom Foley Secure CT Primary Victory

Tom Foley won a comfortable primary victory in Connecticut yesterday despite the negative attacks waged against him. Doug McAuliffe and the DMS+C team are serving as Foley’s media strategy advisors. Foley now enters the general election in a strong position against embattled incumbent Gov. Dan Malloy whose policies have failed to improve Connecticut’s economy and job situation. Below are two ads from Foley’s primary victory, Leslie and New Direction.

Doug McAuliffe Strategic + Creative helps Garner Three More Victories

Doug McAuliffe and the DMS+C team helped our clients secure victories in three races the past two weeks. In North Carolina DMS+C worked with American Crossroads in their successful efforts helping House Speaker Thom Tillis win a tough GOP primary and avoid a runoff for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in North Carolina. In Nebraska, DMS+C client Rep. Adrian Smith coasted to another victory in his House primary campaign in Nebraska’s third Congressional district. Also in Nebraska, DMS+C worked with Citizens for a Sound Government in their work to inform voters of Jon Bruning’s liberal record. Bruning who was leading Read the Rest…

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