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RGA New Ad on Obamacare in North Carolina Governor Race

A new RGA ad created by DMS+C is now on the air in the wake of the Obama Administration’s announcement that premiums for Obamacare government run health insurance redistribution program will more than double next year. The ad shows the anger many women and families are feeling in the Tar Heel state.

New DMS+C Ad in MO Initiative Race

DMS+C’s new ad, Politicians is running in markets throughout Missouri in a tight campaign to pass Amendment Three providing funding for Pre-K in Missouri.

New Burr Ad in NC Senate Race

A new Burr ad in the NC Senate race created by DMS+C has hit the air waves taking on Deborah Ross for not paying her taxes and taking personal advantage of over a quarter of a million dollars in tax credits which she championed in the State Legislature. No word from Ross yet.

New Gold Star Wife Ad in Burr Senate Race

The DMS+C has put up a new ad for Richard Burr in North Carolina. It features Staci Chiomento, a Gold Star wife of a fallen hero in Afghanistan, talking about the stakes in the election and Deborah Ross’s dangerous record. She is very compelling, take a look.

DMS+C Launches New Ad in West Virginia AG Race

Pinocchio has a starring role in a recent ad DMS+C created for AG Patrick Morrisey in the hotly contested West Virginia Attorney General race. Morrisey’s opponent, multi-millionaire Doug Reynolds is spending his inherited fortune attacking Morrisey non-stop. Unfortunately his attacks fail the truth test and Reynolds is running hand in hand with Hilary Clinton and their mutual desire to destroy the coal industry. This spot shows why.

DMS+C’s New Ad Ups Ante in NC Senate Race

We recently released a new ad in the North Carolina Senate race in which NC District Attorney Jim O’Neill outlines the troubled record of Deborah Ross as Legislator and Executive Director of the ACLU. The facts are adding up that Ross’s views and record are miles out of the mainstream of NC voters.

New DMS+C Ad Hits the Airwaves in Missouri

The Early Childhood Eduction Initiative released a new ad in their campaign to bring ECE to the state of Missouri. The commercial titled “It’s Time” features young students talking about the need for voters and taxpayers to step up and support Early Childhood Education for young children across Missouri.

New DMS+C Ad Kicks Off Amendment 3 Battle In Missouri

DMS+C’s new ad in Missouri kicked off the Amendment 3 campaign for early childhood education. Missouri is near the bottom in providing early childhood education and the new funding generated by Amendment Three will ensure the funds to directly to children and families and not into the hands of career politicians. Read the St. Louis Post-Dispatch article here.

“Law Enforcement” A New DMS+C Ad Taking on Roy Cooper’s failures as AG

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Republican Governors Association released a new television advertisement today in the North Carolina governor’s race, detailing Roy Cooper’s failure to do his job and his gross mismanagement of the State Bureau of Investigations. Read more here.

New DMS+C Spot Shakes Up NC Senate Race

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