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Why DMS+C?

Winning. Creativity. Personal Attention. Focus.

We’re a boutique strategy, message, media and digital firm. We have a 90% general election winning record. That includes 54 statewide victories, 31 U.S. Senate wins, 14 gubernatorial victories and 21 House wins.

We consistently win in good Republican cycles, and bad.

Our 2014 winning record: 5 Governor, 3 U.S. Senate, 2 House and 2 Attorney General victories and we came within a whisker of helping former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie pull a major upset in the Virginia Senate race.

In the 2012 cycle, when the GOP struggled DMS+C helped Deb Fischer win the GOP’s only competitive Senate race against Senator Bob Kerrey after her stunning come from behind primary victory, helped Pat McCrory become North Carolina’s first Republican governor in two decades and Virginia State Senate Republicans secure their first majority in a century.

Our winning approach:

Smart strategies and messaging that tailor our client’s assets to the political environment, consistently creative and provocative advertising and the personal attention and time our clients and their teams need to win.

Bottom line, if you want a big multi-partner firm where you are one of a long list of clients you will compete with, then maybe we’re not for you.

Our focus is simply winning and our experience informs us that victory requires time and attention to our clients, their needs and their race.


Doug McAuliffe

Chief Strategist. Creative Director. Editor.

Doug is DMS+C’s founder.

In the last two campaign cycles he has provided winning strategies and commercials for ten statewide victories including Senators Deb Fischer (NE), Richard Burr (NC), Jeff Sessions (AL), Tom Tillis (NC), David Perdue (GA) and Governors Charlie Baker (MA), Pat McCrory (NC) and Doug Ducey (AZ).

Doug was named “One of the top political consultant’s who matter in America,” Roll Call, Chris Cillizza, “One of the GOP’s best media minds” by Campaigns & Elections, and “The leader of one of the nation’s most prestigious media firms,” Arizona Republic.

Doug’s record includes 31 U.S. Senate, 14 Governor, 21 House and 7 down-ticket victories.

He led the Republican National Committee’s Independent Expenditure media campaign for Bush-Cheney ’04, the RNC’s on-line presidential media campaign in ’08, and was a media strategist for Bob Dole’s successful President primary campaign.

As an editor and director, his commercials and short films has received 25 creative awards.

Doug’s advertising work is described as: “Perfect political ads” Washington Post, “Gangbuster advertising” Lincoln Star Journal, “Ads that are both bare-knuckle and triumphal” Kansas City Star, and “Striking political television” AP.

An accomplished rock climber with first ascents in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Vermont’s Green Mountains and Colorado and Utah’s Rocky Mountains Doug has also written about his alpine ski travels in South America and European Alps.

He resides in Great Falls, Virginia with his wife Ingrid, their four children and Wellfleet, their Lab.

Tucker Martin

Strategist. Communications. Media.

Tucker Martin is a strategic and media communications consultant. His expertise is helping candidates and political organizations develop their brand and messaging, developing media strategies and crisis management.

Tucker serves as a communications advisor and consultant to the Republican Governors Association. He was Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s Communications Director and was a strategic advisor and Communications Director for McDonnell’s successful gubernatorial campaign.

Tucker was Deputy Communications Director for Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore and Deputy Press Secretary for Kilgore’s campaign for governor. Prior to that he handled communications for then-Virginia House Majority Leader, and now Congressman, Morgan Griffith.

Martin received his bachelor’s degree in history from Randolph-Macon College and his master’s degree in political management from The George Washington University. He and his wife, Emily, live in Richmond with their two dogs, Blue and Clifford.

Andrew Deerin

Executive Producer. Director. Creative Post-Production Director.

Prior to joining DMS+C, Andrew Deerin was a New York Producer and commercial director specializing in music videos for many of Sony Music artist’s including Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Ben Folds and Ozzy Osbourne. He also was hired by the City of New York to produce its famed Concerts in the Park series.

As Vice President for Production for the Los Angles based L2 Digital he helped L2 become became one of the preeminent music video and live concert production companies on the west coast. Deerin’s production credits include projects for Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney, Sting, Bono, Billy Joel and John Mayer.

Deerin directs DMS+C’s post-production projects for our political clients and serves as Executive Producer of Chatham Light Media, our post-production partner.

Andrew, an accomplished pianist, spent 8 years on the rock and roll circuit playing clubs across the country. He now lives in Kensington with his wife Christine and their 2 children Kingsley and Ford and bulldog Pawley.

Chatham Light Media

Media Placement Technologies

Coming Soon.

We’re TV and Digital People.

TV and cable advertising remains the dominant political persuasion tool. Yet, without a coordinated and targeted Web advertising presence, you will miss up to one third of your target audience.

We have helped orchestrate digital advertising campaigns that go beyond traditional social media communications. In 2009 we managed the award-winning digital campaign for Governor Bob McDonnell’s campaign victory in Virginia and the genius and success of that campaign was its seamless integration with our overall paid media approach on TV, cable and radio.

Working with Pinpoint Media LLC, our media-buying partner, we orchestrate a paid media communications plan that focuses on driving your message to your target audience no
matter where they are. We utilize audience segmentation tools and behavioral and geographic targeting to define an accurate delivery plan for your message to voters who may actually vote for you. Be it broadcast TV, cable, mobile, social, video pre-roll, or web advertising persuasion, we help you track, follow and communicate with your target audience.

Website Design

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  • Congressman JD Hayworth (’96, ’98)
  • Congressman Tom Tancredo (’00)
  • Congressman Virgil Goode
  • Congressman Bill Schuette
  • Congressman Morgan Griffith / AFP
  • Congressman Rich Crawford / AFP
  • Congressman Bob Gibbs / ACR
  • Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle / ACR
  • Down Ticket

  • Attorney General Luther Strange (AL)
  • Attorney General Mark Brnovich (AZ) / RAGA
  • Attorney General Bob McDonnell (VA)
  • Treasurer Thomas Ravenel (SC)
  • Lt. Governor Dave Maurstad (NE)
  • SC Justice Harold See (AL)
  • Mark Obenshain for Attorney General (VA)
  • VA Delegate Paul Harris
  • Mayor Russ Evans, Evansville (IN)
  • State Senator Tom Garrett (VA)
  • State Senator Bryce Reeves (VA)
  • State Senator Dick Black (VA)
  • State Senator Bill Stanley (VA)
  • VA Delegate Bob McDonnell
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  • Republican Governors Association
  • National Republican Senatorial Committee
  • Republican National Committee
  • Republican State Leadership Committee
  • Republican Party Of Virginia
  • American Crossroads
  • Americans for Prosperity
  • Virginia State Senate Republican Caucus
  • Opportunity Virginia PAC
  • Red White and Blue Fund
  • Now or Never PAC
  • Citizens for a Working America
  • Public Voice PAC
  • Citizens for a Sound Economy
  • Alabama Republican Party
  • Crossroads GPS
  • Republican Attorneys General Association
  • New Hampshire Republican Party
  • Republican Party of Connecticut

Deb Fischer: GOP’s Only Senate Pick-up of a Democrat Seat

One year ago, Republicans and many in the press thought the GOP would pick up three and as many as six seats in the U.S. Senate and securing a new Republican majority was a distinct possibility. Alas, Republicans ended up losing every competitive Senate race but three: Nebraska, Nevada and Arizona. Deb Fischer was the More

Presidential Primary Considerations

Things to consider as Romney plots a comeback. Voters don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it. Passion, character and trust are the most compelling reasons voters invest their support in presidential candidates. Governor Romney is currently losing that battle to Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama. Republican primary voters view Newt and More

Ready for the Most Negative Presidential Campaign in our Lifetime?

Consider the reality facing Obama and his campaign team. No President since FDR has won re-election with the national unemployment rate above 7.2%. Even the most optimistic liberal economist agree that unemployment will be above 8% in November 2012. And the unemployment rate for June is going up again! Obama’s job approval ratings consistently struggle More

Ed Gillespie’s Hail to the Redskins Ad

In his race for the U.S. Senate Ed Gillespie did many smart things that drew voters to his candidacy and created support for him across the Commonwealth. The Redskin ad only ran once on a Monday night football game between the Redskins and the Cowboys and generated press across the Commonwealth for the next week. More

Politico goes inside the Ed Gillespie Campaign…

Read the article HERE

DMS+C Helps the Republican Wave of 2014

Doug McAuliffe and the DMS+C team along with our production partner Chatham Light Media served many great clients this campaign cycle. Our work included four U.S. Senate races, seven gubernatorial campaigns, two House races and two Attorney General campaigns. Jeff Sessions for U.S. Senate (AL) Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate (VA) Tom Foley for Governor More

The Ads Are Working.

Sometimes a political cartoon says it all. In Connecticut, Republican Tom Foley is running a positive, ideas-driven campaign against failed Democratic incumbent governor Dan Malloy. DMS+C is working with the campaign to take Foley’s positive message and get it in front of voters through the utilization of effective and creative advertising. A recent Quinnipiac poll More

Charlie Baker Launches First TV Ad

DMS+C’s first ad for the general election campaign of Massachusetts Republican gubernatorial nominee Charlie Baker is up and running across the Bay State. The Boston Globe noted, “On the first day of the general election campaign, Baker is launching a warm 30-second spot with one of his children, portraying himself as a personable, socially moderate More

Arizona Governors Race

DMS+C is the lead media strategist for the Republican Governors Association independent expenditure campaign in the Arizona governors race. This is one of a series of ads DMS+C has run highlighting Democrat lobbyist Fred DuVal’s longstanding record of raising tuition and fee costs on Arizona students . DMS+C has also helped the RGA in Iowa More

DMS+C Helps Tom Foley Secure CT Primary Victory

Tom Foley won a comfortable primary victory in Connecticut yesterday despite the negative attacks waged against him. Doug McAuliffe and the DMS+C team are serving as Foley’s media strategy advisors. Foley now enters the general election in a strong position against embattled incumbent Gov. Dan Malloy whose policies have failed to improve Connecticut’s economy and More

Doug McAuliffe Strategic + Creative helps Garner Three More Victories

Doug McAuliffe and the DMS+C team helped our clients secure victories in three races the past two weeks. In North Carolina DMS+C worked with American Crossroads in their successful efforts helping House Speaker Thom Tillis win a tough GOP primary and avoid a runoff for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in North Carolina. In Nebraska, More

DMS+C Works with American Crossroads in Support of Thom Tillis in North Carolina

Doug McAuliffe and the DMS+C team are working with American Crossroads in their efforts in the North Carolina U.S. Senate race. The advertising has featured Thom Tillis’ work and the failure of Kay Hagen and President Obama’s agenda. Tillis has been engaged in a hard fought primary and has been under assault by Senate Majority More

DMS+C Tells Charle Baker’s Harvard Pilgrim Leadership Story.

The Charlie Baker for Governor campaign released “Leadership” a five minute short film for the web outlining Charlie’s work to save Harvard Pilgrim Health Care from bankruptcy. Baker took the company from state receivership to being named the best health care company in America for six straight years by U.S. News and World Report. The More

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The Peanut Gallery

“Clever television ads.”
Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Baker is launching a warm thirty-second spot with one of his children, a light hearted back and forth with Caroline, portraying himself as a personable, socially moderate family man, who will bring fiscal responsibility to Beacon Hill.”
Boston Globe

“Ed Gillespie’s first campaign video is a political consultant’s dream…the perfect political ad.”
Washington Post

“Most memorable TV ad this year featured Tucker Obenshain mentioned equally by Dems and GOP in our exit poll.”

“”That’s an incredible ad…” referring to a spot with Tucker Obenshain saying her Dad encouraged her independence. “This is an empowered girl. She might be 24…but she can speak for the whole family. She doesn’t need a guy to speak for her and she’s defending her Dad.” – Washington Post, VA Tech Political Scientist
Washington Post

“Doug McAuliffe produces punchy advertisements”
Roll Call

“Smart campaign ads.”
Dr. Larry Sabato, UVA

“Senator-elect Deb Fischer came from nowhere to trounce veteran Democrat Bob Kerrey.”
The Week

“A top Republican media strategist with a winning track record.”
CBS Radio

“The model for success in 2012 could be found in Republican Bob McDonnell’s victory in the Virginia governor’s race four years ago. Mr. McDonnell is pro-life, but he campaigned as “the jobs governor.” He carried the women’s vote by 8%.”
The Wall Street Journal

“Deb Fischer was mostly known for an ad that compared her opponents to Angus cattle.”
Washington Post

“Fischer mounted an excellent and effective introductory ad campaign in the general election.”
Lincoln Star-Journal

“Deb Fischer, the little-known state senator who shocked most everyone this week by winning a U.S. Senate primary in Nebraska against two better-funded rivals.”
US News and World Report

“Aggressive television ads”
Washington Post

“A Republican ad maven”

“One of the nation’s most prestigious political media firms.”
Arizona Republic

“Gangbuster TV advertising”
Lincoln Star-Journal

“McDonnell — along with pollster Glen Bolger and media consultant Doug McAuliffe — laid out a blueprint this fall for any Republican seeking to win a swing seat in the Obama era.”
Washington Post

“Jaw dropping ads.”
Washington Post

“Striking political television.”
Associated Press

“One of the GOP’s best media minds.”
Campaigns And Elections

“Ads that get points for originality.”

“McDonnell’s campaign ads, done by Doug McAuliffe, smartly kept the candidate front and center and connecting directly with the voters.”

“Ads that are both bare-knuckled and triumphal.”
The Star

“In a campaign season with dozens of often indistinguishable TV ads, Campbell’s stood out from the crowd. He often looks like a movie star from the movie The Horse Whisperer than an incumbent senator.”
Denver Post

“One of the top consultants who matter.”
Roll Call

“One of the most heavy-handed political ads we’ve seen.”

“The Thesis attack seemed to work as poll tightened. But McDonnell fought back with a series of TV spots featuring his daughter, a former Iraq platoon commander and professional female attorneys who work for him and voters increasingly saw Deeds as negative.”
Washington Post

“Polished and folksy production values.”
The Star

“The reasonable image that McDonnell projected by, for example running a green jobs ad paid off for him when he was attacked for the rather extreme views expressed in his master’s thesis. Because those views seemed at odds with his image, attacks based on them tended to roll off like water on a duck’s back. Against a more hard-charging, take-no-prisoners style of conservative, those master’s thesis attacks could have been killers with independents.” – Charlie Cook, 11/09
Charlie Cook, Cook Political Report 11/09

“Strategists point to a McDonnell television ad that focused on green jobs that was critical in the campaign’s effort to appeal to independent and suburban voters.”
Cook Political

“The ads that first introduced Chuck Hagel were gold medal.”
Lincoln Star-Journal

“A heavy-weight media firm with a rich resume in national politics.”
Rocky Mountain News

“McAuliffe’s ads deliver a hard message without looking mean and negative.”
Campaigns And Elections

“Doug McAuliffe just really creates some beautiful pictures.”
Campaigns And Elections

“In our focus groups of Hill insiders, Jon Kyl’s ads were rated as more effective.”
The Hill

“The ads for Chuck Hagel were simply terrific.”
Roll Call

“Tough campaign ads appeared to turn the tide for Richard Burr.”

“Bunning’s ads were clearly better than Baesler’s. Clearly if Baesler’s ads had been better he would have won the race.”
Courier Journal

“The difference was Bunning’s ads were clearly better.”
Courier Journal

“Hagel’s negative ads worked.”
Washington Post

“Bunning ran one of the most effective ads of the year. It was truly effective and moved Bunning’s numbers favorably enabling him to win the race.”
Cook Political

“Jim Bunning’s spot attacking Baesler was one of the year’s best political commercials.”
Time Magazine

“No one can say for certain if Burr’s Bill Clinton ads took Bowles out of the lead — but it certainly looks that way.”

“In the Senate, Democrats won six of seven races rated as toss-ups. Only the Kentucky open Senate seat, won by Jim Bunning, escaped their grasp.”
National Journal

“Bunning had a better media strategy from begining to end. They defined the race and we didn’t.”
Courier Journal

“Hagel won a truly remarkable come from behind Senate victory. He had to overcome a primary opponent who had already been elected statewide twice, and then take on Gov. Ben Nelson, whose personal popularity ratings were astronomical.”

“Hagel’s introductory TV ad was a game-changer, so positive and effective that it swiftly propelled him from unknown to someone voters decided to consider.”
Roll Call

Doug McAuliffe
Strategic + Creative LLC.

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Doug McAuliffe

Andrew Deerin

Tucker Martin


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  • “Gangbuster TV advertising.”

    Lincoln Journal Star

  • “Ads that are both bare-knuckled and triumphal.”

    KC Star

  • “Jaw dropping” ads

    Washington Post

  • “One of the TOP consultants who matter.”

    Roll Call

  • “Striking political television.”

    Associated Press