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New Sturtevant Ad in Virginia’s Biggest Senate Race

DMS+C worked with the Sturtevant campaign to create this new ad that refutes the untrue accusations waged at Glen Sturtevant by his opponent. It is based on the Richmond Times-Dispatch report that said the ad and its accusations were absolutely false and misleading. See this strong counter punch below.

DMS+C Debuts New America Leads Ad

As a follow up to Governor Christie’s strong debate performance at the Reagan Library and his growing poll numbers, we worked with the America Leads Super PAC team to create this new ad, Reformer, which is now airing. It outlines Gov. Christie’s strong economic record leading New Jersey including the fact that he has vetoed more tax increases than any other governor in American history. See this strong ad below.

New Glen Sturtevant Ad and Endorsement

Glen Sturtevant is locked in a completive campaign battle in the top State Senate race in Virginia that may likely decide which party controls the chamber. DMS+C’s new ad for Glen, Front Porch, was unveiled by the campaign along with a string of endorsements, which includes the retiring incumbent. Glen’s campaign is gaining strength and support in one of Virginia’s toughest swing districts located partially in the city of Richmond and its suburbs.

DMS+C’s America Leads Ads for Christie Called “Excellent”

Working with the America Leads team DMS+C has aired three ads in support of Gov. Chris Christie’s campaign for President. In a recent Politico story Steve Schmidt former strategist for President George W. Bush and John McCain’s 2008 nomination victory said the “ads are frequent and excellent and I think they are making a difference.” Please view the ad “Stand Up” below.

RGA Releases New Ad in the Kentucky Governor’s Race “Fight For Us”

The Republican Governors Association released a new television advertisement today in the Kentucky governor’s race, which contrasts career politician Jack Conway’s record of support for Barack Obama’s liberal policies with Matt’s Bevin’s strong record as a job creator and business owner. You can view the ad below.

DMS+C’s Glide Path Ad for America Leads Positions Christie on the Iran Nuke Deal

DMS+C’s new ad for America Leads titled Glide Path presents a documentary town hall spot capturing Gov. Christie detailing his opposition to and the danger of Obama’s give in to Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb. It’s captured a lot of press attention. Please view the ad below.

DMS+C oversees media strategy for America Leads

Great to be working with Phil Cox and his team at America Leads in support of Governor Christie’s quest for the presidency.

DMS+C working with America Leads

A great honor for DMS+C to be working with Phil Cox and the America Leads team in support of one of America’s great governors, political communicators and leaders.

DMS+C Part of the Burr Campaign Team

DMS+C is again proud and ready to be a part of U.S. Senator Richard Burr’s reelection team. We first worked with Senator Burr in his first election to the U.S. Senate in 2004 when he won a hard fought, come from behind victory over former ex-Clinton Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles. We again worked with the Burr team in his 2010 victory. We are honored to be a member of Senator Burr’s 2016 campaign team. Sen. Burr staffs up for reelection bid – The Hill

DMS+C and AC’s Work to Defeat Kay Hagen

We had the great opportunity to work with the American Crossroads Super PAC team to play a pivotal role in Thom Tillis upset victory over Senator Kay Hagen. Tillis never led until election day which is the only poll that matters! Our work with Crossroads began in May and went right through the general election. Late in the primary we created ads that advocated Thom Tillis which were the turning point to helping him break the 40% mark in the primary to avoid a runoff. Here is Roll Call’s May write up on the first ad.

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